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Spring update

The full bloom of cherry blossoms is a beautiful, yet short-lived event that lasts about three weeks. (typically from mid-September to October)

What makes this time so special is that the tree appears to be completely white, absent of any green leaves or foliage! However, once the blossom has passed, the petals will turn brown, falling to the ground. Now, bright green leaves appear and are ready to perform their function.

Some of our trees are self-fertile and some are not. However, all cherry trees need bees to move pollen around the flowers to achieve maximum pollination rates.

An interesting fact - the earliest flowers that open produce the highest quality fruit.

Temperature and rainfall have a huge effect on honeybee activity. At temperatures below 13 degrees, honeybee flight activity is almost non-existent. Significant rain or strong winds will also diminish bee activity and in turn pollination rates.

Just like us, bees will rest at night, ready for the day ahead.

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