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Cherries have grown in the Yarra Valley Region region for over 100 years.!

Our warm climate, pristine air, and nutrient-rich red soil provide favourable growing conditions for premium cherries, with beautiful natural sweetness and super crunchy freshness. 

With eight red varieties, as well as two types of white cherry, we produce cherry's not found in the local region.

Located between the Dandenong's and the Yarra Valley we are fortunate to have great cafes, wineries, and restaurants within a 20-minute drive.


The orchard is open to the public for u-pick in late November till early January, We are closed on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Session time's are 8.30am - 11am, 11.30am - 2pm & 2.30pm - 5pm. Admission is $18.00 per adult and $9.00 per child for a 2.5 hour visit.


White Cherry's:

  • Rainer

  • Stardust

Red Cherry's:

  • Grace Star

  • Simone

  • Royal Helen

  • Sweet Georgia

  • Regina

  • Bing

  • Silvia

  • Sonata

Berry Picking Victoria



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